Well, that wasn't such a productive year was it.

✏️ Sam Derboo | 📅 2024-01-16T02:24:00Z

When I made this page I wanted to post something new every month, but I guess I let myself get derailed again. Anyway, let's try again in 2024! To get the ball rolling again, I'm starting the year with a somewhat fluffy little list of all my favorite cats from video games! It's called My Favorite Video Game Cats! (I hope you weren't expecting anything fancy for the title.)

I haven't been completely idle, otherwise. I've long got several larger articles in the works, of which I can hopefully show more soon! I'd also like to get back into fan translations and making small games this year, but we'll see what becomes of that!

In other news, I've mucked about with the site design a bit more. Might still not work properly in all browsers, but I hope it's overall a bit more pleasant to look at. Even dark mode is supported now! I've also started using some PHP to make maintenance a bit easier, but I'll still keep the site mostly one single dedicated page for one piece of writing (unless I finally get around to some more database-type projects I've had on the backburner since forever).

I have a website now (again)!

✏️ Sam Derboo | 📅 2023-07-09T11:03:00Z

Hi, I'm Sam. I wanted to have a homepage again, so here it is. I've become rather weary of the way the modern internet looks and feels, that's why this page is all old-fashioned, hand-made HTML code. I'm a little rusty but I hope it's functional enough. It might break in some browsers. Let me know if that happens to you.

Still not entirely sure about everything I'm going to do with this page, but a lot of it is going to be about video games (maybe some other culture-related writing as well later). I like compiling information and making lists of things, so that's what my first category is about. I used to write a lot for Hardcore Gaming 101 back when before I became too tired to do much of anything for far too long. So if you've been around for a while and liked Tracing the Influence, my article of game art taking maybe a bit too close inspiration from illustrations, films, and other sources, or my lists of heroines of 1980s video games and arcade game machines inside of games, this is going in a similar direction (but I wanna start smaller cause I don't have as much time and energy as I used to 10 years ago).

Since I dislike the modern commercialized internet so much, I'm not going to put any ads on here or anything. Dunno if anyone would want to do that, but I've made a Ko-fi account just in case you like something I put on here and feel like tipping me a bit. I've set up a goal that would cover my hosting costs for a year, although that's already more than I dare wish for.